Writing a Press Release That Will Get You Noticed

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An extremely effective way to get exposure for your brand is by writing and creating a standout press release. Whether it’s a grand opening, a new product or service these are all great reasons to create a press release that’s going to create exposure. In this blog post, we will discuss exactly how you can create a press release for your brand to get you noticed.

It’s important for any business owner, or individual to know how to write a press release that not only gets you noticed but turns into news coverage.

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Here are some things to know to write a standout press release:


To ensure readability, a press release should follow this format:

  • It should be typed
  • Double-spaced
  • On a white letterhead
  • The contact name, title, address, number and company

In addition, the words ‘For Immediate Release’ should be positioned at the top of the page. Read this guide on the format for more information.


The headline should be in bold and centred below the above information. Its best to keep the headline brief, clear and to the point as to what the press release is about. A subheading can also be included to further clarify the topic of the press release.

Tip: Try writing your headline after the press release has been written. This will help clearly define the overall purpose of the press release.  

Body Content

The first paragraph should include the most important information. This is where you need to start with the date and the location in which the press release originates. From there, the next few sentences should grab the reader and concisely explain what is happening, here you need to sum up the release and the next few paragraphs should elaborate on that.

The second and third paragraphs in the release should include secondary information. This is where the writer needs to mention facts, goals, and targets that back up the opening paragraph.

Use Quotes

Using quotes is a great way to give a human element to the release. By doing this, you are including others who are involved and sharing their opinion. If these quotes are coming from authoritative figures, your release will increase in trust and credibility.

Boilerplate Information

Your boilerplate is a chance for you to explain more about your company such as your achievements and your mission. This information followed by your contact details conveys more background information about the writer and is usually how the media will get in contact with you. Always try and include a link to an online copy of the same press release if possible as well as including social media links.

End of Release

Lastly, signal the end of the release with three hash signals (###). This should be centred and placed underneath the last line of the release. This is in line with the journalistic standard and is required to end a release. Always ensure your release has been proofread and is clear from all grammatical errors.

An extremely smart way to promote your brand is through a clear, engaging press release. Use the tips mentioned in this post the next time you are considering promoting news.

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