How to Create Engaging Content For Social Media

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Producing consistent, engaging content is difficult. Engaging social media content requires time and work, consistently creating new ideas is highly important if you want to keep your audience engaged.

Our social media feeds are loaded with articles, videos, statistics and news that make brand content sometimes impossible to stand out and grab the attention of the user. In our latest blog post, we will discuss how to create engaging content for social media so that it stands out from the crowd.

Aim for Content Variety

In our previous post, we discuss why you should use videos as part of your social media strategy. Videos, like other platforms, create engaging content because it adds variety. Showing content through the same method of communication will become boring, and the opposite of engaging is boring.

The main reason why variety works are because your audience will respond to different strategies. Some may enjoy promotional posts whereas others may enjoy a video. By creating a variety of different posts, your connecting with everyone in your audience and ensuring that they all stay engaged.


Create a Content Calendar

To achieve consistent, engaging content you need to schedule your posts in advance. Using a content calendar will give you a clear idea of when you are posting, how often you are posting and what you are posting. These three factors are critical for achieving engaging content because they confirm whether your social media schedule is working or not. By creating a content calendar, you are creating a social structure for your brand.

Your audience will also appreciate you more if you remain consistent and authentic. A calendar will ensure you are always posting at certain times and this doesn’t mean you always have to post at a specific time, you can always change that, but by remaining consistent you will achieve a higher engagement rate on your posts. Read more about the importance of consistency here.

Use Your News Feed

Where is one of the best places to get trending topics on social media? Your news feed. Use your Facebook newsfeed to find topics that are trending and that will be valuable to your audience. You don’t even have to create engaging content, you can share trending posts, and this in itself can still engage your audience.

Another great place to find trending content is BuzzSumo. Here, you can find content that is currently receiving a high number of shares and mentions. The goal here is to identify what type of content is working and replicate that for your own brand. Research to see what the market is responding to and create a strategy focussing on just that specific type of content as you already know it has a high engagement rate.

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Ask Questions

By asking questions in your social media posts, you are receiving feedback from your audience and ensuring that what you are communicating is of interest and is engaging. Asking questions allows you to make the post about your audience. Rather than talking about your brand, talk about your audience and by doing this, you are making it extremely difficult for your market to get bored or annoyed because everyone loves talking about themselves.

Testing what works will always help your social media efforts so in the beginning understand that your posts may not work, only because you haven’t solidified your social process in connecting and engaging with your audience.

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