Why Does Your Website Need SEO Copywriting?

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In 2018, one of the most important aspects of a website is its content. Even with a modern, user-friendly website design, you won’t make it on the first page of Google if you have poorly written SEO content. Have you reviewed your website content recently? Is it relevant, attractive, genuine and professionally represented to the user?

Content is king in the field of SEO and digital marketing. If you really want to promote your website and expand your services using Google and/or social media, effective copywriting is highly important. Good content uniquely describes your website and sets it apart from thousands of other websites on the internet. The main purpose of your content is to convey the right message to your customers.

The quality of your website is determined by its content. Aspects such as website design, visuals, and videos are just supporting components. Content should be based on the market research. Ultimately, users won’t spend much time on your website if they see your content is irrelevant to their needs.

seo copywriting

What Is Copywriting & Why Is It Important?     

Today, businesses sell most of their services online, likewise, people search for these services online using specific keywords. SEO Copywriting is the method of optimising a websites content with these keywords so that users can find these services easier. This is primarily done to improve website rankings on Google and to generate more traffic to a website.

Your content should be based on the following SEO Copywriting technique:

Maximum keyword density should be 2%-3%: Keyword density is referred to by how many times a specific keyword has been mentioned in a piece of content. A keyword density of 3% is equivalent to using your main keyword 3 times within 100 words. The more words your page contains, the more times you should mention your keyword.

Avoid keyword stuffing: Try to avoid using your keyword everywhere on your page, this is known as keyword stuffing. This is unnatural and search engines know this. Effective SEO copywriting is natural yet still optimised for search engines. There is a fine balance and finding that sweet spot may require professional help.

How does SEO copywriting affect your business or website?

As a provider of services or products, your main target is to not only achieve high Google rankings but to also consider your customers’ needs and meet them with carefully written content. As a copywriter, your focus should always be placed on the end-user. SEO Copywriting allows you to smartly insert keywords into your content so that its presented in an optimised, yet natural manner.

Want to convert your traffic into buyers? Adopt SEO copywriting and make your website compatible for both the search engine and customers with us today.


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