Email Direct Marketing Content

Electronic direct mail is a quick, convenient and cost-effective way to steadily build brand loyalty and convert prospects to sales. However, businesses need to be very careful when choosing words for their EDM campaign. People will be reading your message for the very first time, and when it comes to winning over a customer, first impressions are all that matter. If the desired impact is not achieved the first time around, you may not get a second chance to make things right, as all it takes is a click to send your message straight to the spam bin.

Why Choose Us?

To date, we have had many satisfied clients from the fashion, retail, food, lifestyle, beauty, corporate and travel industry, who have relied on us to create highly memorable EDM campaigns. Our professional writers are proficient in copywriting for e-Commerce and non-e-Commerce electronic direct emails. Their EDM writing abilities include creating compelling call-to-action special offers, product launches, discount reminders, company newsletters, tips and tricks, event information, industry news and a lot more. By using just the right tone to hook a prospect’s interest, we help you convert recipients into long-time buyers.

Consult with us to start your very own super-productive EDM campaign today.