Places To Distribute Your Content

content distribution

In order to be able to run a successful online business, it is essential that you construct ways and means for your content to reach as many people as possible. As copywriter Perth experts, we see most brands fail not because they don’t produce quality and informative work but because they fail in their content distribution process. This article is going to help you create more traffic for your work and enable you to generate more interest by highlighting a few strategies that you can apply.

Use of email

Many people think that the use of email is outdated with the invention of new technological advancements in the use of social media.  Contrary to this belief it is important to collect your client email accounts and send them a message once you have new content. Be sure to include a link in the email that leads one to where you have posted your work.

One can also exploit the relationship they have with a joint venture in order to grow the client base. This can be achieved by sending them your content for them to distribute it to their list of subscribers. However, you should ensure that you present quality and catchy work so that you can get a new audience from the email promotion.

email marketing

Use of document sharing sites

The more efficient way to create traffic for your content is by sharing it on the internet. This is only possible after you convert your content into PDF format to enable sharing and this is done through a process called e-book syndication. Microsoft Word has a built-in function that enables one to convert a document from word to PDF. Other document converters are also available on the internet. You should then submit your converted document in form of an e-book or as a PDF file on document sharing sites where other people get to view your work.

Guest posting on other blogs

If you normally post your work on only one site then you are likely to generate little traffic as your content distribution is limited to only that site. You can expand the readership of your work by posting on other people’s blogs as a guest writer. The first step to using this strategy is searching for popular blog owners who allow guests to post on their blog. Guest blogging has become widely used in the recent past as it is a win-win situation for both the owner of the blog and the guest writer. The owner is assured that their subscribers will get quality content to read while the guest gets extra exposure.

guest blogging

Use of video marketing

Another way to promote content distribution is by turning your blog post into a video. This enables one to capture the audience that searches for videos instead of written content. Use of videos allows you to exploit another sharing channel such as YouTube. Google provides tools that allow one to convert documents into videos by copying and pasting into the tool.  It also allows you to add transitions and images making it more appealing.

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