How to Set Up an SEO Content Strategy

content marketing strategy

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a form of marketing that allows great visibility of your products or services from the search engine results. There are various traits to SEO such as the words used on your site and the way you are linked by other sites on the web. As copywriter Perth experts, we know how important it is to ensure that the structure of your site can be understood by the search engines as well as ensuring that your audience can easily understand your site too.

Having random topics, blogs and keywords without research and a strategy will not produce desired results. To achieve profitable traffic and quality leads from your user search, you should have a solid SEO content strategy, with SEO copywriter Perth experts assisting you.

Below are ways that can assist you in setting up a valuable SEO content strategy;

Define your brand’s purpose and expertise

Think carefully about what content, that is related to your brand, could be provided to your audience.  This will assist in your comprehensive audience and keyword research and contribute heavily to SEO content creation. When you are aware of your brand’s purpose, the content provided on your site will appeal to your readers and convert them to clients.

Identify your audience

In this step, you could start by enquiring from members that frequently interact with your clients. This will allow you to understand your clients’ needs thereby creating content that will provide solutions to their problems.  You can also identify your audience by analyzing the benefits of your products or services and determine the demographics of people that might be interested in it. Some surveys may also be conducted for an understanding of what potential customers think about your product or service.

content marketing seo

Keyword research

With knowledge of your expertise and your audience, your keyword research will be very effective. Your desirable keywords should be towards the topics of interest to your audience. You could begin with a general search term that is in line with your expertise, then narrow it down to be a specific term for instance; the features of your services and products, questions that may be asked by your clients that are in line with your products or services or the most popular product or service from your brand.

When using the various specifications, you will have a good list of keyword ideas that would be useful to you. Finally, search each of them on your effective keyword research tool to enable you to identify the best opportunities.

Create content.

Once you have identified the most effective keywords, you can use them for content creation. Optimize on these keywords by providing high quality, relevant and comprehensive content. Publishing your content consistently and using your primary keywords at the beginning of the content or at the subheads of your content.

Publish content on your own platform

You may have the right content but fail to publish it accordingly on the right platform. Publishing the content on your own platform is beneficial. This is because you will show authority hence build trust and relevance. Your brand may get lost when you publish your content on proprietary platforms including social media and other content sites.

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