Techniques to Come Up With New Content Ideas

Creating new content ideas can prove to be a hard job for most people. It is the new unique content that you develop that keeps around existing clients and helps you acquire a new audience. It is of ultimate importance that you focus on developing a good idea as wasting time and resources on a bad idea could make you lose your credibility. Looking for ways to develop new unique content?  As copywriter Perth experts, we have put together some techniques you can apply immediately.

Find inspiration

One of the most effective ways of coming up with new content is finding inspiration from previous work from those who have a successful content strategy in place. It can be either from your competitors or even from firms in other industries. The key point to the working of this strategy is collecting your inspirations into one file and reviewing them any time you need an inspiration for new ideas.

Reviewing contents that did not work

The process of content ideation is one that takes time. It is not easy to come up with a brand new idea and the process of content ideation mostly involves modifying an old idea. Reviewing a piece of content that did not work well and identifying what went wrong can enable you to come up with a new idea. It will, however, involve the use of another set of data as well as new approaches to ensure the success of the strategy.

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Know your audience

For your new content idea to be impactful in the market, it should meet the audience’s need. They should be in a position where they can relate to your content when it evokes feelings and emotions in them. To achieve this you should get to know your audience by studying what they like to read and the topics that seem to interest them. Communicating regularly with your readers via social media as well as conducting surveys will give you a sense of what they want.

Always be reading

The more informed you are about your specific line of work the more chances you have of coming up with a new content idea. You acquire this knowledge by reading books, blogs and journals as well as listening to related podcasts.  Following the activities of the industry leaders as well as your major competitors can also provide useful insights on your next course of action.

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Content Ideation is not a one-man task and may require you to involve the whole team in brainstorming for new ideas. Different people have varied perspectives about the same issues and they may come in handy when trying to find a unique idea.  You should ensure that your team is multidisciplinary i.e. it is made up of people from diversified backgrounds as well as different areas of professional practice to ensure that all sectors are catered for.


It is evident that different strategies work for different people and you should, therefore, strive to find what works best for you. You should however not be afraid to try out new strategies as this is the only way you will know what coverts.

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