How to Write Engaging B2B Headlines

Headlines are extremely important because they determine whether or not internet users will want to read your article. Because it the first thing they look at in an article, it is ideal to focus on engaging copywriting, as it will make a reader curious to find out what you have written about.

Headlines give a writer an opportunity to generate a lot of readers. Most of the time, people spend so much time on the internet reading articles and watching videos without even planning to, because a headline sparked their interest. Therefore, every good writer should be able to come up with catchy headlines that attract readers. As copywriter Perth experts, we have put together some tips that can help you to write engaging B2B headlines.

Focus on the first few words of the headline

When a reader comes across a headline, the first few words tell what kind of article it is. In fact, it is possible to have two articles that are similar word for word, but with different headlines. One will have more readers than the other because it had engaging copywriting.

As a writer, you have to figure out what kind of headline will suit your article, and therefore how many first few words you will use to attract readers.

  • The first three words – phrases like ‘X ways to’ and ‘The Future of’ have managed to be the top three word phrases according to data, because more people have read articles with these starting phrases more than other headlines that focus on the first three words, while ‘How to Answer’ had the least amount of readers.
  • The first two words – headlines that have two-word starting phrases have managed to get the most amount of LinkedIn shares. ‘How to’ was the one with most readers, while ‘How A’ had the least amount of readers.
  • Single words that start the headlines – single words are also useful when you are trying to generate readers using your headline. The single words used to start headlines that were shared the most are ‘The’ and ‘How’, while the headline with one word that was shared the least was ‘Uber’.

You, however, do not focus only on words, because numbers count as well. When a number starts your headlines, then it means that you are probably going to make a list of something important. The articles with 5 and 10 beginning the headlines got the most readers, while 6 got the least.


Tell the reader what the article is about

The beginning of the headline does not have to determine everything because after you spark an interest, how you end the headline will actually tell the reader what your article is about. Phrases that ended headlines like ‘in the world’, ‘need to know’ and ‘of the year’ got the most readers, while ‘in the cloud’ got the least amount of readers.

When you are creating a headline, ensure that it is not too long, or it could get the reader bored. However, you should also be careful not to make your headline too short, because you need to capture the topic of your article.

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