8 Ways to Build a More Engaging Blog

One big challenge for bloggers and Perth copywriters today is providing content that will get their readers to come back for more. Blog readers yearn for quality and relevant work. Most bloggers have done pretty well to counter this menace. The blogs that have stood out are more than the essentials as their builders have gone a step ahead by being more engaging. We unravel ways to create blog content that will give your readers memorable enjoyment when going through them.

A catchy headline and the first sentence

This is the first part that the reader’s eyes will be in contact with as soon as they open your blog. Having an opening that is relevant and attention-grabbing will get the readers to spend more time on your blog. If the headline is boring, be assured the quality of the rest of the content is compromised.

Proper formatting

Long sentences hamper readability of the blog as the meaning is sometimes lost in fluff content. Breaking up paragraphs using subheadings gives the reader an easy time to get to relevant content by skipping the subheadings that are not relevant. Without the subheadings, it is easy to skip the whole blog and look for content elsewhere.

Posting more frequently

A good blog is not all about attracting new readers but also maintaining the old folk. If you captured a reader’s attention be sure he or she will come back for more, not for the same old content though. If there is no new post, the client will surely get it elsewhere.

Quality content

Your choice of words and the relevancy of content is really important. Readers do not look at quantity but quality.  Filler content is highly discouraged. Everybody is busy and wants the blogger to hit the nail on its head rather than beating around the bush to make a point clear. In the spirit of being brief and clear ensure not to omit valuable content. Good grammar and punctuation accomplish quality content.

blog content

User-friendly design

More than half of blog readers use their mobile phones. It is cumbersome scrolling left, right, up and down. A good blog is designed to accommodate readability on different devices by promoting easy navigation.

The use of cards is important in getting the reader to choose the required topic to read.  Cards present the reader with small bits of what to expect on different topics. This enhances easy access to the content they are looking for through your load of content.

Share real stories

People like relating what they read on blogs to experiences in their own lives. Telling a true story on the blog creates a better understanding of the blogs subject matter, makes it more entertaining, and personal.

Visual content

Be it videos, GIFs or images, the modern audience for most blogs is yearning for these. Adding the relevant visual media to your blog will capture the attention of many and makes the readers feel the article was done by an expert, not just any Tom, Dick or Harry. It is important to use the keywords in tagging the visuals.

Call to action segments

Almost every blog has a call to action button asking the reader to subscribe to its newsletter. Ever asked yourself why this is necessary? Email subscribers are deemed more likely to share your post with their friends or followers on social media. This is exactly what every blogger would love.

Adding survey polls questions and other interactive content will engage your audience more.

Now that you know, get more viewers on your next blog post.

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